27 febrero, 2017

Process Quality Manual

Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme v2.3 Axis 1. Process Quality System Headland 2.5 Process Quality Manual To develop the EC11R, the participating grower must elaborate and implement […]
27 enero, 2017

Social Programs.

Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme 2.3 Axis 5. Social Responsibility Headland 5. Social Programs   5.7. Social programs 5.7.1. Daycare facility service When the company hires workers […]
3 enero, 2017

Eleven Rivers Information System (ERIS).

  Eleven Rivers offers participating producers and independent third party organizations a technological support tool for the management of technical information; Allowing, through specific roles, access […]
29 noviembre, 2016


3.4.1. Preventive plan and control measures Documenting and implementing hygiene plan and include a procedure to identify the areas in which cleaning and disinfection actions are […]
29 octubre, 2016

Eleven Rivers Program

Introduction Eleven Rivers presents a new concept on the market, an Scheme with which Mexican agricultural producers can be certificated and that includes the main requirements […]
29 septiembre, 2016

Axis V: Social Responsibility System

  Nowadays, social responsibility acquires a greater dimension in face of the pressures of a globalized world, characterized because consumers are more demanding and they acquire […]
3 septiembre, 2016

Environment Protection

Axis 5. Social Responsibility System Headland 10. Environment Protection 5.10.1. Legal Use of Water The company must document the necessary evidence to prove compliance of the […]
1 agosto, 2016

Packaging, Storage and Transport System

During the Packaging of fruit and vegetable production for fresh consumption, a series of processes come together, in which value is added to reach the final […]
2 julio, 2016

Area I: Quality process system

The main foundation of the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme (11RCS) is the quality of documentation, compliance of the established criteria, clear and complete information of processes, […]
31 mayo, 2016

Human resources

1.6. Human Resources 1.6.1. Commitment and breach penalties A documented policy must be developed, to ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities to develop, […]
30 abril, 2016

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  2.8.1. Strategic plan The company must document and implement a Strategic Plan for the Integrated Pest Management including Control strategies and methods that are effective […]
2 abril, 2016

Technical operation phases of Eleven Rivers

Training The Civil Organization develops training programs intended for the technical personnel of participating growers and from independent organizations. Eleven Rivers® seeks, through these programs, that […]