Eleven Rivers Growers participates in the “Symposium on Social Responsibility in Agriculture” developed by the AMHPAC

Today and tomorrow, the Symposium on Social Responsibility in Agriculture will be held by the Mexican Association of Protected Horticulture (AMHPAC), in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where Eng. Edgar Saúl Ramirez Guerrero Internal Audit Coordinator of Eleven Rivers Growers participated.

Being aware of the importance Social Responsibility has in companies worldwide, and even more, the competitivity it brings to farming companies in Mexico, this is why the AMHPAC holds this important symposium.

For 2 days, participants will gain updated knowledge and information through 7 conferences, 1 panel and 6 workshops, aimed at subjects of Farming Social Responsibility of greatest significance worldwide.

A large group of industry experts will be waiting for you this February 27-28 at an event hosted by the AMHPAC which, in this 2020, is displaying subjects of Farming Social Responsibility of greatest significance worldwide.

Purpose: To train in a strategic area over 50 companies of our membership, located in 24 states of Mexico, on subjects of regulations applicable to the sector, the environment, human rights and farming marketing.

Aimed at: Social Responsibility Coordinators, Managers and Directors of farming companies.

Some of the subjects to be discussed are:

  • Global commitment of the Farming Sector to Social Responsibility.
  • The New 2019 Labor Reform – farming sector section.
  • Recruitment and management of personnel in the farm field.
  • Environmental self-regulation in the farming sector.
  • Farming Marketing