Eleven Rivers reaffirms its commitment with global traceability through GS1

For more than September of this year, Eleven Rivers renews its commitment to global traceability, renewing its membership with the global GS1 initiative for the fourth year in a row.

The Eleven Rivers label has a bar code located in the lower right corner aligned with international GS1 regulations, which makes it unique and benefits in the traceability of agricultural products of certified companies.

These labels are placed on the pallets that guarantee the production of certified lots. They are exclusively used for production from certified lots verified under the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme.

GS1 is a global association of standards in electronic commerce, with the purpose of improving the efficiency of the supply chain of the fresh fruits and vegetables industry, through the development, implementation and harmonized management of international standards.

Eleven Rivers collaborates with GS1 through the Product Traceability Initiative (PTI), which is an effort of the fresh food industry, aimed at creating traceability processes that allow fast and efficient electronic tracking and tracking of products through of the members of the supply chain.

This initiative was created in October 2008 by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA, an organization founded in the United States and Canada), the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA, Canadian agency) and the United Fresh Produce Association. (UFPA, United States agency).

The PTI Action Plan advocates the use of a minimum of standards to serve as a link between each member of the supply chain, within which the bar code is key to allow information to be captured automatically through chain.

The objective of the PTI is to create an action plan that identifies the main key facts, which are guidelines to follow, that allow the electronic tracking of the product at any point in the chain, the time needed to meet these milestones and a process that allows Pay accounts.