30 enero, 2018

The nano bubbles and its revolutionary potential for agriculture

They act directly on the roots of plants, promoting their growth. They do not use chemicals and they work through irrigation. During his visit to Rosario […]
26 enero, 2018

Japan wants to sign TPP-11 next March in Chile

Eleven countries aiming to forge an Asia-Pacific trade pact after the United States pulled out of an earlier version will sign an agreement in Chile in […]
26 enero, 2018

NAFTA talks labor forward

The latest round of talks to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement doesn’t hold immediate promise for a breakthrough, industry leaders say. Through Jan. 25, […]
26 enero, 2018

World Vegetable Map 2018: More than Just a Local Affair

The 2018 World Vegetable Map shows essential vegetable trade flows and highlights some key global trends in the sector, such as the growing importance of production […]
26 enero, 2018

Health and agricultural food safety law for Sinaloa

The Plenary of the LXII Legislature of the Sinaloa Congress approved the issuance of the Law of Coordination of Health and Agricultural Food Safety for the […]
26 enero, 2018

FDA to Expedite Release of Recall Information

When FDA identifies that a product it regulates violates the law, it protects the public by working with the manufacturer and distributors to facilitate the product’s […]
23 enero, 2018

Six Food Safety Tips to Achieving a Successful Food Safety Program

At companies, there are six key priorities to achieving a successful food safety program: 1) Make food safety THE priority. Food safety must start at the […]
12 enero, 2018

Brain foods and carb-alternatives lead 2018 food trends

Brain foods and carb alternatives are two of the hottest healthy eating trends for 2018, and shoppers will be looking in the produce department to find […]
12 enero, 2018

GFSI Opens New Public Consultation for Benchmarking Requirements V7.2

Why a New Version and What Is New in V7.2? At GFSI, we drive harmonisation and continuous improvement in food safety systems through our extensive benchmarking […]
11 enero, 2018

CDC names top five foodborne illnesses in United States

The top five germs that cause illnesses from food eaten in the United States are norovirus, Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus, aka staph. Some […]
9 enero, 2018

Rain will impede Florida cold weather recovery

Florida growers are counting the costs after cold weather in the last week damaged or destroyed months worth of crops. A broad range of crops have […]
28 diciembre, 2017

The company SmartCold presents its new corporate video

SmartCold is a company in Pharr, Tx which since 2015 offers an innovative proposal of logistic solutions of the cold chain for fruit and vegetables. Check […]