17 agosto, 2017

Canadian, U.S. and Mexican farm groups support modernized NAFTA

WASHINGTON D.C., August 16, 2017 –  The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) and Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (CNA) today sent a […]
27 julio, 2017

Sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Pharr and Culiacan for Global Cities Economic Partnership

The city of Pharr and the municipality of Culiacán, Mexico, represented by the mayor Jesús Valdés, as well as representatives and officials of both cities, were […]
25 julio, 2017

The Regional Laboratory of Food Safety (LARIA), opens its doors to Sinaloa Growers.

Operating under a process-based approach, aimed at customer satisfaction, generating a culture of continuous improvement, is the Policy of the Regional Food Safety Laboratory, which allows […]
25 julio, 2017

Guadalajara-Vancouver aerial operation

With the launching of the Guadalajara-Vancouver agri-food airlift, from Guadalajara’s international airport, up to 200 tons per week of perishable products from the region will be […]
25 julio, 2017

Sinaloa at the forefront in health and food safety

With last generation technology equipment and technicall staff specialized in the study of all types of crop pathogens, Sinaloa has adequate facilities to meet the demands […]
25 julio, 2017

Will Sonny Perdue Fight for Food Safety?

Sonny Perdue was sworn in as the 31st U.S. Secretary of Agriculture on April 25, and one of his first agendas after being confirmed concerned efforts […]
25 julio, 2017

Wholesum VP testifies before Senate committee on organics

Theo Crisantes, vice president of operations for Wholesum Harvest, expressed support for containerized and hydroponic growing methods and questioned the composition of the National Organic Standards […]
25 julio, 2017

Mexico: Governor of Sinaloa presents the brand “Calidad Puro Sinaloa”

As an option for entrepreneurs to use a distinctive stamp on their export products, the “Puro Sinaloa” brand  presented by the state government. With the backing […]
25 julio, 2017

AARC names plaque in honor of César Campaña

The Culiacan Growers Asociation (AARC) paid a posthumous tribute to the Grower Cesar Campaña Acosta, who in his lifetime was president of the Commission for the […]
25 julio, 2017

Sinaloa increases its exports

The Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock of the state Juan Habermann Gastélum stressed that Sinaloa is increasing significantly the export of its agricultural products to European […]
25 julio, 2017

Sinaloa Growers seek new markets for exports

The stance adopted by the US government that threatens to break the Free Trade Agreement with North America has motivated agricultural producers in Mexico, and particularly […]
25 julio, 2017

Sinaloa stands out for its good use of agrochemicals: PROCCYT.

The Good Use and Management of Agrochemicals (BUMA) campaign is to equip the user with tools to make responsible and optimal use of agrochemicals; Protect their […]