Since the early 70’s Growers of Sinaloa have been developed a management system of Good Practices and Social Responsibility (GPSR) and Eleven Rivers has incorporated to its Certification Scheme to assess the compliance of the growers companies.

Appendix V: The Social Responsibility System of Eleven Rivers was designed taking the major risks points in the agricultural production of this sector and based on the compliance with the legislation in force in Mexico and following the rules of international treaties.

Eleven Rivers seeks to promote and coordinate the transformation of the agricultural organizations to the sustainability of their process in coordination with the owners, workers, consumers, institutions and the government.

To demonstrate this commitment, the company must institutionalize its actions: present a policy of the commitment of Senior Management to the wellbeing of workers, the community and with respect to the environment, always seeking the balance between sustainability and economic viability.

Elements that form this Standard are:

1. General working conditions

It is including compliance with the labor rights of workers, freedom of association, abolition of forced labor, the elimination of gender discrimination, prohibition of child labor and protection in the migration transit of the workers who come to work to Sinaloa every year.

2. Safety and Health at Work

We promote the integration of health and safety practices at work with a preventive approach, in order to protect the health and lives of workers, providing facilities and working conditions that reduce risks and incidents at work.

3. Health workers and their families

Promotes actions to protect the health of workers and their families, linked to a national strategy of preventive medicine of age groups and genders are made. It also guarantees access to social security and medical services.

4. Quality of life in shelters

The agricultural sector generates high mobility of workers from other states of the Mexican Republic mainly from the states of Guerrero, Veracruz, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and San Luis Potosi coming to the state of Sinaloa to work each year in agriculture and is for them and for their security that companies offer them shelter where they can live with their families and decent facilities to ensure access to public services and welfare.

5. Social Programs

In the Shelters for migrant workers services are installed, which also benefit their families: childcare facilities, educational programs, nutritional care, promotion of cultural, recreational and sports activities.

6. Environmental protection

Promote sustainable development based on the preservation, restoration and improvement of the environment, with emphasis on: the rational use of electricity and water, proper disposal of wastewater, legal use of wood, reforestation, and management and safe disposal of hazardous, infectious biological waste and special handling.