Eleven Rivers presents a new concept on the market, an Scheme with which Mexican agricultural producers can be certificated and that includes the main requirements that consumers, buyers and governmental organisms seek globally.

Eleven Rivers standards seeks to improve the performance of companies in the areas of safety, quality processes, traceability, social and environmental responsibility; all these aspects are checked on a weekly basis to ensure continued compliance with certified companies.

To implement these standards, Eleven Rivers seeks to promote three factors: preference, consistency and reliability.

Eleven Rivers Growers LLC, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to achieve food security, understood as the availability of sufficient, healthy and safe food; thus, Eleven Rivers seeks to gain consumer confidence in the products generated by Mexican horticultural farmers.

The Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme contains the general commitments and criteria of compliance for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector grown for human consumption; particularly, the certification scheme defines the basic criteria applicable to fresh fruits and vegetables grown in open field or in protected facilities.

The documentary support of the 11RCS is composed of three key sections: standard, metrics and requirement lists.

The Standard details the general criteria for participating growers to know and evaluate their level of compliance and the actions to be taken for the proper implementation of each of the systems composing the standard.

 Section 1: The Eleven Rivers Program

Section 2: The Eleven Rivers Standard

Section 3: Eleven Rivers certification’s metrics

Section 4: Eleven Rivers certification’s list of requirements

Section 5: Eleven Rivers verification’s metrics

Section 6: Eleven Rivers verification’s list of requirements