Agrícola El Nazario joins the Veggies From Mexico Community

During December, the farming company S.P.R. El Nazario S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V. obtained its Eleven Rivers Growers Distinction, 1.0.3 version, for being in compliance with food safety, social responsibility, and sustainability standards, adhering to the criteria of level: BEYOND.

Agrícola El Nazario is part of the production units from Grupo GR: a Mexican company engaged in production, packaging, transportation and marketing of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, lamuyo and minisweet. Their corporate offices are located in Torreón, Coahuila, having production units in several states of Mexico, as well as distribution centers in the main Terminal markets and border cities such as McAllen, Texas and Nogales, Arizona.

Grupo GR started as a family business in 1943, engaged in marketing commodities. Thanks to the vision of its founder, it has remained in the market for over 4 decades, continuing with the goal of supplying products for consumers with the highest quality standards. Over the years, the company has grown stronger by consolidating the 3 main areas on which the Group success lies: Production, Marketing and Transportation.

Congratulations! We hope to continue being part of the growth and commitment of companies in Sinaloa in the future, to supply healthy, food safe and sustainable products.

By being a part of the Veggies From Mexico Community, companies acquire the right to brand their products under the Veggies From Mexico label; in addition, they start a weekly verification program, consisting of a weekly evaluation on specific compliance criteria, in order to effectively ensure continuity and consistency of continuous compliance with food safety, social responsibility, and sustainability criteria contained in their commercial certificates.