6 enero, 2021

Agrícola El Nazario joins the Veggies From Mexico Community

During December, the farming company S.P.R. El Nazario S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V. obtained its Eleven Rivers Growers Distinction, 1.0.3 version, for being in compliance with […]
6 enero, 2021

Farming Companies from Veggies From Mexico community celebrate Christmas for their employees

As it has now become a tradition for many farming companies which are members of our community, they celebrate Christmas with their collaborators and their families. […]
6 enero, 2021

Veggies From Mexico participates in the Meeting with Founding Organizations of Ahifores

On December 17, the Meeting with Founding Organizations of the Alianza Hortofrutícola Internacional para el Fomento de la Responsabilidad Social (International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance for […]
5 enero, 2021

Innovating over time with the farming sector in Sinaloa

Farming exports in Sinaloa started at the beginning of the last century. As we have said other times, the first tomatoes were exported to the US […]
5 enero, 2021

Importance of the Use of Personal Protective Equipment

The Veggies From Mexico community not only promotes the implementation of good practices which help preserving food safety, but it also promotes practices to protect the […]
30 septiembre, 2020

Eleven Rivers Growers Training Season 2020-2021 entitled: Good Agricultural Practices

On September 18, our annual Training Program for 2020-2021 farming season started, and it was entitled: Good Agricultural Practices presented by Chemical Eng. Carlos Adonay Gastélum […]
30 septiembre, 2020

Eleven Rivers Growers Training Program for Season 2020-2021 entitled: Good Manufacturing Practices

On September 19, the training: Good Manufacturing Practices was lectured, presented by Pharmaceutical Biological Chemist Elvia Rosa Martínez Bueno. In this course, participants were able to […]
30 septiembre, 2020

Our CEO introduces the training: How to generate and preserve positive habits in your life

On September 25th, our CEO Georgius R. Gotsis Fontes lectured the training: How to generate and preserve positive habits in your life, through the Zoom platform. […]
30 septiembre, 2020

Fundación Cárdenas Delivers Food Pantries to Mothers and Their Families

In order to support feeding children and teenagers from families in vulnerable situation, Fundación Cárdenas delivered food pantries to mothers in Michoacana sector, in Navolato. Working […]
30 septiembre, 2020

Water Quality for Farming Use and Food Safety in the Field

Water is the main vehicle to bring pollution to farming products, as it is very easy for pathogen microorganisms to remain present or even reproduce themselves […]
27 agosto, 2020

Eleven Rivers Growers Introduces SAER Self-Assessment Service

Eleven Rivers farmers have always been known for having the most stringent standards in food safety and social responsibility in Mexico. They endorse their badge in […]
25 agosto, 2020

Priority Food Support For Children with Disabilities By Fundación Cárdenas

One of the most vulnerable groups being been beaten during the Covid-19 health contingency are children and teenagers with disabilities. Many families have reduced their income […]