Course on USMCA Labor Rights for the Farming Sector

On July 17, the online training on USMCA Labor Rights for the Farming Sector was held, lasting 4 hours. This event was hosted by AHIFORES personnel: Luz María Chombo Tovar – Certification Manager, and Héctor Manuel Sánchez Larrañaga, Technical Advisor.

The main purpose of this training was to inform participants about the indicators making up the DEAR-TMEC Standard Version 1.0, to be in condition to verify compliance and implement workers’ rights contained in Chapter 23 of the agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC), and reduce their risk level of difficulty to export fruit, produce, and grains.

Intended for personnel on areas such as social responsibility, management, HR, safety & health at work, medical, social work, foremen, personnel supervisors, production managers (orchards, fields and packaging facility), and labor intermediaries (contractors, liaisons, cabos , freight forwarders, raiteros, transporters, foremen, etc.).

Mrs. Chombo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management and a Master’s degree in United States and Canada Studies. Her professional work has been devoted to designing and implementing social development programs intended mostly for farming workers. She was State Coordinator of SEDESOL’s Farm Worker Assistance Program in Sinaloa for 10 years, and also served as coordinator, technical advisor and facilitator in Social Responsibility of various organizations and farming companies across the country.

She designed the second version of Axis 5: Social Responsibility System of the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme. Also, she developed the first guidelines of the Responsible Farming Company Hallmark (DEAR for its initials in Spanish) and the regulatory documents of the Responsible Farming Company Certification (RFCC) Version 2.0, both owned by AHIFORES. She was involved in developing the Guideline to implement the 2019 Labor Amendment for the farming sector. She recently designed the RFCH – RFCC Standard, which is a tool so that farming companies become compliant with the Labor Chapter of the Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC). She is currently the Certification Manager at AHIFORES.