Eleven Rivers Growers Introduces SAER Self-Assessment Service

Eleven Rivers farmers have always been known for having the most stringent standards in food safety and social responsibility in Mexico. They endorse their badge in trade certifications such as Primus GFS, Global Gap, Senasica’s SRRC, SMETA, DEAR, among others. They are also supported by the weekly audit being carried out y our technicians, always looking for continuous improvement, of course.

At the same time, we are well aware that both Sinaloa and Mexico have increased the number of small and medium farmers every year; starting in the world of exports, and they are also in need of advice on food safety issues. Also, they also have the need for knowledge, for learning how they are doing at the beginning of their operations, in order to being able to make decisions on advisory and which trade certificates are the most suitable for them.

There is also an increasing number of small farmers, whose production goes exclusively for domestic market. They are seeking to comply with food safety standards being asked for by supermarkets. Sometimes, this is new to them. So, they need to know in which position they are at, from the view point of criteria compliance, before improving their practices.

That is why, at Eleven Rivers we decided to make a self-assessment available to all large and small farmers in Sinaloa. This self-assessment contains the most delicate criteria from the food safety point of view. This evaluation will be conducted online, and results will be automatic. It highlights the criteria in fault to the farmer, as well as suggestions for improvement. This examination is also supported by phone and online by our advisors.

We have called this self-assessment: Self Audit by Eleven Rivers (SAER). It will be available online by the end of September. In order to access, an email should be sent to our technical operation area, where certain product information will be requested, and a username and password will be provided.