Eleven Rivers Growers participates in the Agriculture Blog Podcast

On the first days of July, our Internal Auditing coordinator IBQ Édgar Ramírez Guerrero took part in a podcast from Blog de Agricultura; where in an interview, he shared the duties of Eleven Rivers Growers in terms of food safety and social responsibility for its community of farmers.

This interview stands out the significance of food safety and social responsibility today in the farming industry, which has become a subject of greater relevance due to the recent health crisis, which has increased the importance of food safety in farming, a reason why the audits to farmers will be increasingly required, which in turn justifies the creation of an organization to conduct carry out internal pre-audits for corrections.

The subject of field migration was also discussed, which has and is still having a positive trend in recent years, generating labor shortages in some of the most important farming areas in our country. This situation has led farmers to get involved into social responsibility subjects, which should be viewed as an investment.

Finally, Eleven Rivers shows that organizing farmers is essential to meet the demands from consumers as they arise, since hiring a team of specialists is viable if you have a group which is organized, and all of them are sharing the same purpose.