Eleven Rivers Growers Training Program for Season 2020-2021 entitled: Good Manufacturing Practices

On September 19, the training: Good Manufacturing Practices was lectured, presented by Pharmaceutical Biological Chemist Elvia Rosa Martínez Bueno.

In this course, participants were able to learn about the basic aspects that must be taken care of or monitor their compliance while working in production units, in order to minimize pollution risks towards farming products.

The subjects addressed in the course were as follows:

-Risk analysis (packaging facility).

-Packaging facilities.

-Sanitation facilities.

-Chemicals (cleaning).

-Water management.

-Animal management.

-Personnel hygiene.

-Shipping and transportation

The purpose of this training is to provide skills to the personnel, so they are able to identify and/or convey which are the main contaminants that can affect farming products and how to avoid, reduce or control them from sowing to transportation.

Elvia Rosa Martínez Bueno is a Pharmaceutical Biological Chemist. She worked for 3 years as a microbiology analyst and process analyst at Santa Mónica dairy company. Later, she collaborated for 5 years at Comité Estatal De Sanidad Vegetal del Estado de Sinaloa (CESAVESIN) as a technical assistant for farming food safety, a professional in SRRC and head of the microbiology laboratory. She served for 4 years as a food safety technical advisor at TECSIA company and for over 3 years as a part of the Eleven Rivers Growers technical team.

If you missed this training you can watch it here: