Interview: Daniel Tapia Sánchez – Manager at Banco de Alimentos de Culiacán (Culiacán Food Bank)

When interviewed by Eleven Rivers Growers, Daniel Tapia shares with us the important work Banco de Alimentos de Culiacán has had in our region, especially now given the health contingency caused by COVID-19, and the important cooperation they had from the farming sector.

Daniel has run Banco de Alimentos de Culiacan for 2 years now, and his expertise in charity organizations goes back to 6 years ago, as he had previously founded and led a civil non-profit association. Other than this, he has also worked in the financial sector.

1. What are the purposes of Banco de Alimentos de Culiacán?

Providing food assistance to vulnerable sectors, mostly elders, single mothers, disabled, etc. From Navolato, Mocorito, Cosalá and Culiacán.

2. What are the main assistance programs you are have?

We serve institutions such as retirement and rehab centers, rural communities and deprived sectors; we benefit a total amount of 25,000 people in the aforementioned municipalities.

3. Which communities are benefited by Banco de Alimentos de Culiacán?

65 rural communities in Navolato, Mocorito, Cosalá and Culiacán.

4. What are the Food Bank mechanisms to channel resources to those who need them?

All our beneficiaries go through selection processes through socio-economic and socio-nutritional studies, to validate and make sure that the food truly reaches those who need it the most.

5. How can companies join and what are the benefits of collaborating with the institution?

They can join in many forms. One of them is donating cash or food, receiving a tax-deductible receipt for both options in the full amount donated. They may also join the corporate volunteering body, where collaborators from companies join the works of Banco de Alimentos.

6. How have you faced the public health contingency due to COVID-19 we are going through at the moment?

I dare to say it has been the most difficult challenge we have faced as an institution in its 21 years; we have almost doubled our demand in family care and food in over a month this contingency has been on.

We currently serve an average of 400 families every day, they are provided with a pantry every 15 days. On average, 10-12 tons of food is delivered every day.

7. Would you mind sharing with us, how have farmers from Sinaloa joined this initiative?

The support from the farming sector is essential; without it our institution would definitely have no reason for being. Every year, Banco de Alimentos receives over 1,500 tons of vegetables from farmers across Sinaloa, particularly from Elota, Culiacán, Navolato, Ahome, and Angostura. During this contingency, we are receiving greater amounts of vegetables, and a huge support from them; as they are playing an extremely important role in us meeting such great demand of families who have lost their jobs.

8. How can we continue supporting the important work of Banco de Alimentos de Culiacán?

The manner in which anybody can get more involved is by actively participate of their different company areas, making them learn about our non-profit, apolitical activities; making sure that food truly reaches those who need it the most.

If anybody is interested in joining this important cause, here is our contact information:

Phone: 667-718-85-66