Veggies From Mexico participates in the Meeting with Founding Organizations of Ahifores

On December 17, the Meeting with Founding Organizations of the Alianza Hortofrutícola Internacional para el Fomento de la Responsabilidad Social (International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance for Social Responsibility, AHIFORES) was held.

During this meeting, the organization introduced the results on the operation of this 2020 year, resulting from the work of AHIFORES and the founding organizations, such as Veggies From Mexico, to promote the compliance with Labor Rights contained in T-MEC.

With regards to the main challenges of the farming sector in terms of Social Responsibility, they addressed those related to the signature of the Agreement between Mexico, the US and Canada, which entered into force last July 1° of this year.

AHIFORES also shared with attendees the availability of the SIDEAR T-MEC Platform, which was designed by the organization, so that all farming growers can self-evaluate themselves and understand the risks of their company in terms of Labor and Foreign Trade under T -MEC.

Alianza Hortofrutícola Internacional para el Fomento de la Responsabilidad Social (AHIFORES), is a non-profit civil association founded in 2015 by the initiative of the private sector, who is actively involved in sowing, harvesting, packaging, distribution and marketing of fresh products proudly grown in our country, and its main purpose is consolidating efforts and generating actions aimed at alternative solutions in labor and social matters in the farming sector of Mexico.

The Mission of the Alliance is to lead the way to implement good Social Responsibility practices in the Mexican field, in order to increase the quality of life from workers and their families. In the same manner, promoting the care for the environment where they perform their activities, and that of their original communities.