Food Safety

The Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme seeks to minimize physical, chemical, or microbiological contaminants in fresh production. These contaminants can get to the products during the production, packaging, storage, and transportation stages which can affect the health of consumers.

Eleven Rivers evaluates the next elements:


Social Responsibility

“In these days, Social responsibility has taken great importance; in a globalized world, characterized by the fact that consumers are increasingly demanding and acquiring food in a responsible way taking care of their health without leaving aside the way in which they were produced.

Future-oriented entrepreneurs must evolve to stay in the market: they require special care in compliance with labor standards, health care and the lives of their workers.

Therefore, Eleven Rivers has incorporated Social Responsibility System to the Certification Scheme, considering the main risks of the agricultural sector and based on compliance with the legislation in force in the country and international trades.

The elements of this system are:

1.- Company Policy

Company policy should include the interest and commitment of the company to care and improve welfare and life quality of workers and the communities where their operations develop.

2.- Coordination with public and private institutions

Coordination policy with the municipal, state and federal government. Also, working with civil society organizations.

3.- General working conditions

It includes compliance with workers' labor rights, freedom of association, abolition of forced labor, elimination of discrimination and prohibition of child labor.

4.- Safety and health at work

Companies must create a safe and healthy work environment. It promotes the integration of safety and health practices in the worker with a preventive approach.


Environmental Protection

Eleven Rivers seeks to reduce the environmental impact generated by the production and operation of growing companies.

Eleven Rivers evaluates that the companies implement the best sustainable practices, where they take the environment as an essential element for the development of their activities, this approach will assure the development of future generations.

The elements that are evaluated are: