Third-Party Organizations

NSF International

It is an international organization founded in 1944, is an independent and accredited organization; evaluates, audits and certifies products and systems, as well as providing training and risk management. They develop public health standards and certifications and provide services to companies in more than 150 countries. Their mission is to protect and improve human health throughout the world. NSF Mission its being the leading global provider of public health and safety-based risk management solutions while serving the interests of all stakeholders, namely the public, the business community and government agencies.

NSF International is accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (osha.gov), the Standards Council of Canada (scc.ca), the American National Standards Institute (ansi.org) and the International Accreditation Service (iasonline.org). NSF Laboratories worldwide are ISO/IEC17025 accredited for testing and calibration and the Ann Arbor location in an OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

NSF International is accredited by the Mexican Entity of Accreditation as Product Certification Organization under ISO/IEC 17065:2012 for the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme.

Contact: Isabel Coronado
Email: icoronado@nsf.org
Phone: +52 (442) 242 2926
Website: www.nsf.org

Asociación de Normalización y Certificación A.C. (ANCE)

Is a nonprofit private institution founded in 1992; we offer certification, inspection, verification, system management, laboratory testing and training services, adding value to our clients towards ongoing improvement.

ANCE is member of the Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE), International Electrotechnical Commision (IEC), International Standards Organization (ISO), Pan American Standards Commission (COPANT), Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas (CANENA) and permanent member of IQNet.

ANCE is accredited by the Mexican Entity of Accreditation as type “A” Accreditation as a Verification Organization under ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme.

Contact: Araceli Román Aguilar
Email: araceli.roman@ance.org.mx
Phone: +52 (555) 747 4550
Website: www.ance.org.mx