21 febrero, 2020

Setting Standards with Science: What ‘Inspect What You Expect’ Means for Food Safety

‘Inspect what you expect’ — in the food safety field, it all starts with science. During my two decades working with the food industry on microbial […]
2 febrero, 2020

Interview: Clarissa Molina – Serka Soluciones

Clarisa is a recognized advisor with extensive expertise in collaborating with farming organizations in Mexico and overseas, such as Confederación de Asociaciones Agrícolas del Estado de […]
25 noviembre, 2019

Interview: Chrysthian Marisol Castro Sandoval – Agrícola BelHer

Marisol holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Experimental Biology. She has been working for Agrícola BelHer for the last 5 years, and started in the Tech Innovation […]
21 octubre, 2019

The Eleven Rivers CEO participates in the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety Culture

On October 16, the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety Culture was carried out, which was attended by our CEO, Mr. Georgius Gotsis. This event was organized […]
14 octubre, 2019

Know more about the Eleven Rivers Certification Squeme: Contact/ No Contact surfaces

Axis III. Storage, Packaging and Transportation System 3.1. Facilities 3.1.6. Contact/ No Contact surfaces Contact surfaces (packaging lines, tables, benches) must be designed and built to […]
14 octubre, 2019

FDA Publishes List of Records Required Under FSVP

The Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) final rule, established through the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), requires importers to verify that the food they are […]
14 octubre, 2019

Aneberries finalizes the implementation of the Berry Gap certification

The Association of Exporters of Berries of Mexico (ANEBERRIES) is finalizing the launch for next year of the Berry Gap certificate, aimed at small and medium […]
14 octubre, 2019

Food Safety Auditing: An Industry in Transition

With the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2011, the food industry overseen by FDA experienced the most extensive regulatory overhaul in the […]
28 agosto, 2019

Eleven Rivers Growers v2.4 Certification Ceremony within the Framework of the VI CONAFIH

On August 21, the second issue of the “Eleven Rivers Growers v2.4 Certification Ceremony” was held, within the framework of the 4th National Convention of Plant […]
29 julio, 2019

Four Grower Companies Renew Their Eleven Rivers Growers v2.4 Certification

Companies De la Costa, S.A. de C.V., Campaña Agricultores, Promotora Agroindustrial y Comercial del Tamazula and Citricos Belher renewed their Eleven Rivers Growers v2.4 Certification issued […]
22 julio, 2019

FDA to Publish a List of ‘High-Risk’ Foods

In a recent settlement with the Center for Food Safety (CFS), FDA has agreed to designate high-risk foods by September 2020 and establish reporting requirements for those foods […]