28 marzo, 2019

Agricola Vitanova Fresh Produce renews its Eleven Rivers Growers certification v2.4

In February the grower company Vitanova Fresh Produce has renewed their Eleven Rivers Certification v2.4, on the approval of the conformity in the certificate issued by […]
6 abril, 2018

Interview: Francisco Javier Arredondo Loyola

Francisco is an agronomist born in Sinaloa de Leyva Sinaloa, currently he is the food safety coordinator of Vitanova Fresh Produce. Francisco is a young professional […]
5 abril, 2018

Agricola Vitanova Fresh Produce renew their Eleven Rivers certification v2.4

During March the agricultural company Vitanova Fresh Produce has renewed their Eleven Rivers certification, we are very pleased because this company is the first to obtaining […]
28 diciembre, 2017

Christmas Party 2017: Vitanova Fresh Produce

In December, in conjunction with the Health Fair, the grower company Vitanova Fresh Produce organized a Christmas Party for its workers and their children. These events were supported […]
27 diciembre, 2017

The company VitaNova Fresh Produce organizes their 4th Health Fair

The company Vitanova Fresh Produce maintains a firm commitment with its collaborators; one of its main objectives is to contribute to their quality of life. That’s […]