Eleven Rivers promotes preventive medicine program for day laborers in the municipality of Guasave


As part of the Eleven Rivers  Certification Scheme, the health subject for day laborers in agriculture is very important for the participating enterprises.

Driven by this commitment Eleven Rivers managed the First Meeting of Coordination for Preventive Medicine Program in Guasave, Sinaloa. Some representatives of the  General Directions of Health of the municipality of Guasave and representatives from the Agricultural that participates with the Eleven Rivers Program, belonging to the municipality.

The meeting took place on December 18 at the premises of the General Direction of Health of the municipality of Guasave. The agricultural had the opportunity  to present their needs on health issues for their workers, and request the support of the corresponding authorities to manage health fairs in their fields.

The interest from the authorities was swift and agreements were reached to start with the management of medical and health programs in every each enterprise.

Eleven Rivers expects this was just the first step in establishing these programs with all the Eleven Rivers participants all over Sinaloa, and who require health issue support  for agricultural workers.

By: Eleven Rivers Growers