Interview: David Reyes Ceja – Agrícola El Porvenir

Interviewed by Eleven Rivers Growers, David Reyes Ceja, Quality Management Manager at Daniel Cárdenas Cevallos shares his experience in implementing our Certification Scheme.

David is responsible for coordinating the implementation of operation procedures in terms of Food Safety and continuous improvement in the company; and he says that it is very important for a farming company to work under a quality system, as this is the way to provide order and discipline into all your operations.

He shares that food safety is a key factor for farming activity, as it is a tool for competitivity. Markets are increasingly demanding more specialization in this regard, which represents an opportunity for employees of farming companies, so by requiring a constant evolution in an environment full of challenges, it forces them to remain in constant training and generating skills, which will ultimately benefit the entire industry, mostly consumers; and therefore, the company itself.

“Working under food safety criteria in the farming operation represents a win-win situation both for our consumers and our companies.”

He states that one of the greatest challenges, and at the same time, the most important satisfaction, has been working with field personnel from other states in Mexico, representing a large cultural diversity: “We are all reluctant to changes, so renewing practices and/or entrenched customs from the personnel working with us has been an interesting challenge; being able to convey knowledge, experiencing with them the cultural change our company needs towards the “culture of food safety and the system of continuous compliance” is not an easy task; however, it is a great experience when we manage to understand the significance each of us have in the food supply chain and we are able to work as a team towards common goals: producing safe food.

“Working under a Food Safety Certification Scheme such as Eleven Rivers Growers’ has been a task that requires a lot of discipline to comply with its guidelines, which has generated favorable dynamic results, as a support for compliance with other schemes which we also manage within the company. It has been a satisfying experience overall”.

David was awarded with the first place in our annual training program last season, to which he says it has been an honor and a great experience to achieve this recognition from the Eleven Rivers team and his colleagues in the sector.

He says that, from his point of view, having invited the personnel who lives day by day the scheme operation day has been a great success, as we are able to share with them situations or doubts which may arise, and therefore, the feedback is, other than knowledge, a benefit for all.