Eleven Rivers participates in the meeting with COESPLAFEST

In the search for preserving the health of the people from Sinaloa, the State Committee of Safety for the Use and Management of Pesticides, Fertilizers and Toxic Substances (COESPLFEST) held its Ordinary Meeting last February 4° of this year, 2016.

The meeting was carried in the facilities of the Confederation of Agricultural Associations in the State of Sinaloa (CAADES), attended by representatives of participating institutions in the committee; AARC, COEPRISS, APRODIFER, S.C.T., SEDESOL, CESAVESIN, S.S.S., IMSS, CONAFE, Institute of Environmental Research of Universidad de Occidente, IPN, PROFEPA, CNC, Faculty of Agronomics of Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Eleven Rivers, among others.

Among the agreements, we can mention that the SSA through the COEPRISS made an agreement both with the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, and Universidad de Occidente, so that the interns can perform their social service and professional practices by giving lectures on the management and use of pesticides, targeted to the population, mostly agricultural workers. It was also discussed to develop proposals of lines of research on chemical wastes and provide tracking to wastes of containers, as well as to keep working with faculties and research centers in the subject of management of pesticide residues, as part of the social and environmental responsibility of the agriculture sector, so it was agreed to propose lines of solution to solve problems in the sectors, starting from agriculture.

Before finishing the meeting, awards were given to Lic. Javier Borquez, Dr. Alejandro Cruz and to C. Reynaldo Cervantes for their invaluable support to COESPLAFEST.