“Agrícola Belher” and “del campo” renew their Eleven Rivers certification.


“Agrícola Belher ” of Antonio Rosario Beltran Ureta and ” Agrícola del Campo y Asociados S.A. de C.V.” of Diego Ley Lopez, have renewed their Eleven Rivers certification, after obtaining their respective audits conducted by NSF International and met the passing scores on the requirements for Eleven Rivers Certification.

Within the Eleven Rivers Program, the technical operation does not end with the certification, companies that obtain the right to use the Eleven Rivers seal must have a weekly verification, which is to assess weekly criteria specific compliance, in order to guarantee effectively the continuity and consistency of the process.

However the weekly verification, the certified companies must undergo an annual audit on the next season, to verify compliance with the certification requirements ands renew their certificate.

For this reason we congratulate these two companies and recognize the great efforts made to provide the market with fresh , healthy, safe and sustainable products. Committed to the health of consumers , the quality of life of its workers and the preservation of the environment, “Agricola Belher” and “Agrícola Del Campo” give example of permanent progress that can be achieved when the whole team is united and works under a same culture of quality.

Congratulations again to all who made  that the implementation of the Eleven Rivers  Certification Scheme was a success for the third consecutive year in “Agricola Belher”; its management team led by Mr. Antonio Jesus Beltran Ochoa. ; as well as their technical team of Chrystian Marisol Castro Sandoval , Dora Isabel Ochoa Aguilar, Miguel Antonio Cisneros Sallas , Sergio Rivera Mendoza , Mendoza Gerardo Velarde, Villatoro Alondra Hernández and Salvador López García.

Also to all personnel involved in ” Agrícola del Campo y Asociados S.A. de C.V.” ; his management team headed by Juan Jose Law Chaidez and Victor Hugo Garcia ; as well as their technical team of Sofia Colio Carmen Montoya , Ramses Valenzuela Acosta , Raul Zamora Coronado , Angelica Barraza Gonzalez, Zulema Chavarín Navarro, among many other collaborators who actively participated throughout this process .