Agricultural Forum 2017

As part of the training events organized by the Growers Association of Culiacan (AARC), the Agricultural Forum 2017: Cultivating Efficiency was held on October 18 whose topics are oriented to foster the analysis of agricultural producers in Sinaloa, mainly Maize producers in terms of profitability and competitiveness, as well important issues such as discipline and leadership.

“Our Association seeks to address the challenges that exist in our activity, such as profitability, certainty, trying to focus on those variables that do correspond to us as growers, those variables in which we do not need third parties, which are nature ” said Sergio Esquer Peiro, president of the AARC.

The event was attended by renowned national and international speakers who, based on their knowledge and experience, gave participants the different scenarios that exist for the agricultural sector and the alternatives available to improve their profitability and become more competitive in food production.

The first speaker was Yokoi Kenji O, an expert on personal leadership issues, to explain the working formula that combines the passion of Latin and the discipline of Japanese. A technique that allows a correct attitude towards change and provides elements of leadership and decisions to renew a commitment in the production of foods with high profitability.

The second presentation was given by María Beatríz Giraudo, Coordinator of Policies for Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Agroindustry of Argentina, who provided an explanation of sustainable profitability, a new form of production that responds to the condition of the environment and the use of natural resources, and the latest trends in crop management to achieve highly profitable and sustainable production.

To conclude a third presentation, the Director of Agri Trends and Services S.C, Carmen Diaz Ugalde spoke about the trends and challenges in the Market of Grains, a wide panorama regarding the production of corn and other grains. She exposed the prospects of international markets and confronted them with the uncertain price situation. Also presented the challenges and trends of the next seasons that should be used and take as tools to decide the next steps.