Eleven Rivers Expands Coverage to Producers in the North Zone of Sinaloa

In response to a request from a group of companies affiliated with the Farmer River Associations of the Río Fuerte Sur and Río Sinaloa Poniente, Eleven Rivers extends its coverage to the northern region of the entity.

In order for a company producing vegetables or fruits to be able to join the Eleven Rivers Standard, it is necessary for the person who coordinates the implementation of the Regulatory Scheme to accredit a test that assesses the knowledge of the procedures and indicators necessary to achieve certification .

In coordination and with the support of the Association of Farmers of the South Fuerte River, on December 17, 18 and 19, 26 technicians from 15 companies were trained. The exposure and evaluation was under the responsibility of NSF International.

Representing the Board of Directors we were supported in the event: Lic. Víctor Peña Villalobos, Secretary; And Ing. Vinicio Montiel Ibarra, Treasurer; Both agreed in their message to participants on the importance and need to professionalize company personnel to ensure food safety, protect the health of consumers, and achieve sustainable businesses that respect workers’ rights.

They thanked Eleven Rivers for collaborating in the process of training field technicians, packaging and social responsibility of the companies owned by producers affiliated with the Association of Farmers of the South Fuerte River (AARFS).