Eleven Rivers Growers Leaders Attend the Good Practices Tour Held by AHIFORES

On May 15-17 the Good Practices Tour was held, developed by the International Horticultural Alliance for the Promotion of Social Responsibility (AHIFORES, in Spanish). This event was attended by Mr. Antonio Beltrán Ochoa – Chairman and Mr. Georgius Gotsis Fontes – CEO of Eleven Rivers Growers.

This time, the tour was held in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco. Among the main subjects reviewed in the event, hiring of temporary workers from the field was a particular subject where representatives from the agricultural industry discussed the fair hiring tool from the International Labor Organization, and also, within this briefing session, the progress AHIFORES has made were presented.

Attendees also had the chance to learn about the programs and actions on social responsibility and good agricultural practices being developed by Agrícola Los Cerritos, Driscoll’s, and other main local companies.