Eleven Rivers participates in 2015 Agricultural Exporters Directory  

Last month was released the ninth edition of the Mexican Agricultural Exporters Directory, participating for the time in it, Eleven Rivers Growers; the Directory is part of the programs developed by Mexbest in coordination with the Secretaria de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación (Sagarpa) and the Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (CAN), it encompasses the efforts of 1600 Mexican exporters that sell various best quality products.

It contains five main sections, according to product type: horticultural and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat, processed foods and alcoholic drinks and organic products.

Enrique Martinez y Martinez, Secretary of SAGARPA, commented during his message at the beginning of the Directory that Mexico hasn’t been related with problems of health and safety in  the past two years. This situation provides a competitive and quality advantage to domestic producers and, in order to consolidate it Mexico is offering to international buyers this new edition of the Directory, through the Agencia de Servicios a la Comercialización y Desarrollo de Mercados Agropecuarios (Aserca) in international fairs and missions business.

On the other hand, Benjamin Grayeb Ruiz, President of the Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (CNA) said that this directory is an excellent opportunity for Mexican producers and exporters of food to showcase their products and remain present in the preference of international buyers .

The Directory has taken the lead, remaining open to consider any improvement that facilitates buyers to identify and contact suppliers from Mexico, making technology and functionality improvements to the web site: www.mexbest.com. It also has ventured into different social networks that will help to maintain a more direct communication with those who are interested.

Eleven Rivers thus continues its promotion program abroad, which will allow to endorse the distinctive’s recognition and show it at the main agri-food events, so key purchasing agents and distributors of Sinaloa’s products favor the brand.