Eleven Rivers participates in an analysis table on DEAR certification at the 2nd International Congress of AHIFORES.

From February 28 to March 1 of this year, the 2nd International Congress of the International Horticultural Alliance for the Promotion of Social Responsibility (AHIFORES) was held in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Eleven Rivers had the opportunity to be part of the working table where Raymundo Elizalde Gastelo, Director of Eleven Rivers Growers in conjunction with Aimeé Núñez, Director of AHIFORES, Thierry Legros, Director of Agrícola El Rosal from Red Sun Farms and Jorge Alberto Gómez Management and Regulation director, Agrícola El Rosal de Red Sun Farms

AHIFORES arises from the need to include social and labor issues of the horticultural industry in an objective and constructive context to generate, with individual and collective efforts of the industry and the authorities, alternatives, opportunities and solutions that improve the conditions of our human resources and the industry, Eleven Rivers Growers is part of the founding board of this important agricultural alliance.

Today, AHIFORES involves more than 80% of the horticultural sector of Mexico to promote social responsibility. As well as defining and establishing standards and programs that improve the social and working conditions of all those that make up the fruit and vegetable industry.

The fruit and vegetable sector has experienced a series of important changes in the last 15 years, with a social environment in the context of fruit and vegetable production that is changing rapidly, obeying new guidelines and expectations of all those involved, where is not only important what and how much we produce, is now more important, how we do it.

That is why AHIFORES for the second consecutive year organizes this Forum where experiences, information and success stories are shared, in order to encourage horticultural companies to recognize the reality of the sector and join efforts to change it, increasing the welfare of the worker, his family and the industry in general.

Within the framework of the event, a series of conferences and panels of interest were held, with speakers of the first level both nationally and internationally, related to the good practices of Social Responsibility and Labor Welfare that we comment below: