Eleven Rivers participates in the panel: The Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the Networking day of Sinaloa Encanta

On March 8, a networking event was held in the framework of the fifth edition of “Sinaloa Encanta”, this event has the purpose that attendees know the agricultural industry of Sinaloa and expose the situation of trade, politics public and market trends of fresh produce.

Raymundo Elizalde Gastelo, Director of Eleven Rivers, participated in the panel: The Industrial Revolution 4.0 in conjunction with Juan Enrique Habermann Gastelum, Secretary of the Government of the State of Sinaloa, Guillermo Fernandez de la Garza, President and CEO of FUMEC, Sergio Gómez Lora, General Director of IQOM and Juan Pablo Diaz, Project Director of the Economic Development Secretariat of the Government of the State of Sinaloa which was moderated by Lic. Lizadeth Sato, North Regional Coordinator of FUMEC.

The speakers shared their NAFTA expectations and their impact for the agri-food sector in Mexico, new business opportunities that Mexican producers should explore, the most relevant markets that exist, the actions in terms of food safety in which the Sinaloa Government is working, the impulse that government seeks to give to innovation and the use of technologies and emphasized the new components that includes the technologies to the agricultural industry 4.0, changes in consumer behavior and the market and how growers can consider them as an area of business opportunity for its companies, for its part FUMEC shows how the foundation intends to promote the inclusion of these new technologies to turn them into competitive advantages.

Sinaloa Encanta is an event to create memories and business, which shows attendees gastronomy and culture amidst business opportunities, with a noble cause and a closing event offered a concert by the singer Yuri.

En esos dos días, 2.000 asistentes acudieron a la ciudad de Sinaloa para el quinto evento anual, donde disfrutaron del Networking Day, al que asistieron 200 personas provenientes de compras internacionales, producción agrícola, administración de restaurantes, casa de vinos y las industrias productoras de medios locales e internacionales.

In just two days, 2,000 attendees flocked to the city of Sinaloa for the 5th annual event, where they enjoyed the Networking Day—attended by 200 individuals hailing from international buying, agricultural producing, restaurant running, wine house running, and international and local media producing industries.

Further, 75 meetings were counted, according to a recent press release—mostly between buyers and agricultural producers, as well as restauranteurs and national wine houses.

Viva Orgánica, an agricultural farm, held the Sinaloan field tour, where 35 visitors were exposed to innovation and food safety initiatives seen throughout the production process.

Attendees were wowed by Sinaloa’s uniquely beautiful colors, flavors, and traditions at the event, where 23 restaurants from the state and 10 of the most prominent wine houses from the country came together to showcase their products and services.

At the event, Eduardo Leyson, Yolanda Andrade, and Aldo Rendon spoke to emphasize the event’s vision, comprised with heart and soul, while also noting that this year supported Navolato-based Henry Ford Elementary School. There, children come from agricultural laboring families. Further, four prostheses were donated to Markoptic to help children with disabilities have a better quality of life.