Eleven Rivers presents the Conference: “Industry 4.0 in the Agri-Food Sector”

Last Thursday, May 24, in the framework of the events of the week of the Student of the Faculty of Economic and Social Studies of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa Mr. José Raymundo Elizalde Gastelo presented the conference: “Industry 4.0 in the Agri-Food sector”

Mr. Elizalde shared with the attendees the importance of the agricultural sector for the economic development of Sinaloa and for the generation of jobs, as well he showed the changes that the industry has undergone, and the new paradigms through the Industrial Revolution. 4.0

The most important message that we are looking for young professionals who participate in these conferences is the importance of working in the professionalization of the personnel that collaborates in the agricultural companies, the great labor opportunity that represents the agricultural sector and how they could be part of the transformation through production and marketing evolution.

The events of the economist’s week also had the following conferences:


Monday 21 May | Analysis of Students and Teachers on the 2nd presidential debate

Professors: MC César Miguel Valenzuela Espinoza, Dr. Arturo Retamoza López and MC Jaime Palacios Barreda.

Students: Luis Alonso Gaxiola Martínez, José Manuel Irigoyen Michel and Gumaro Antonio González Aragón.


Tuesday 22 May | Conference: “The State and the Economy: Should the State intervene in the economy?

Speaker: MC Tomás Saucedo Carreño


Wednesday, May 23 | Debate: NAFTA – Possible Implications to continue or to leave?

Speakers: Dr. Arturo Retamoza López and Lic. Jaime Palacios.