Eleven Rivers works in partnership with IMPI to develop a collective brand.

On July 5, CODESIN carried out a “Collective Brands” workshop given by Manuel Alejandro Gudiño Magaña, Industrial Property Specialist of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), where Raymundo Elizalde participated with the purpose of consolidating a collective brand for Eleven Rivers Growers.

Participants included representatives from the Aquaculture, Citrus, Horticultural and Tomato sectors, as well as representatives from some associations such as Eleven Rivers Growers, Culiacan Growers Association (AARC) and the South Fuerte Growers Association (AARFS).

The workshop also had the participation of governmental institutions such as SE-Delegation Sinaloa, INAPI and SAyG; Among other special guests.

The issues addressed by Gudiño of the IMPI were: What is a Collective Brand? What are the benefits in terms of marketing? Exhibition of successful cases of collective marks registered in Mexico, as well as What are the formalities; which are required during the process of obtaining?.