Furnishing spaces at farming communities program, by the Cárdenas Foundation


Cárdenas Foundation is an NGO founded by Daniel Cárdenas Izábal, who seeks to contribute to an improvement in the lives of farmworkers and families working in Sinaloa fields during the agricultural cycle.

To achieve its objective, the Cárdenas Foundation has implemented, together with a team of specialists, a series of programs focused on better health care for the children of farm workers, improvement in their education, as well as knowledge of the care of the environment, family and community development.

As part of its activities, the Cárdenas Foundation has the “ Furnishing spaces at farming communities” program, which aims to improve the quality of care for the population in the agricultural fields, in training for work, education for children, adolescents and adults, medical offices, among other facilities that benefit farm workers.

This program is open to agricultural companies that have camps for the familys of their farm workers (migrants and locals), and non-profit Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) with a project to improve health, education and job training.

Among the supports provided by the program are office furniture and medical furniture for projects that clearly benefit children, adolescents and working adults in agricultural fields.

To know the procedure of application of the program you can go to the following website: http://fundacioncardenas.org/es/inicio/ or contact the following phone number: 7 15 23 62 ext. 9.