EU to evaluate agricultural product promotion programs

The European Commission has started the process to evaluate the programs presented for the promotion of agricultural products in the EU and outside the EU by 2020, after the official call deadline ended on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. In October, the Commission will inform which proposals were accepted and will have EU co-financing. There are 191.6 million euro available for this programs for the whole EU, € 8 million of which will be specifically earmarked for multiple programs for the promotion of fruit and vegetables, within the framework of healthy eating.

The programs will be evaluated by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency of the European Union (CHAFEA). In autumn, the European Commission will announce which programs were selected and will have EU co-financing; in 2020 the actions will begin.

75 million euro of the 191.6 million that the European Commission will contribute as co-financing will be allocated to simple programs in third countries, and 20 million euros will go to simple programs in the internal market. 43.3 million euro will be allocated for the multiple programs in third countries, and the same amount will be allocated for the multiple programs that are developed in the internal market. Within this last section (thematic 3, subject B), 8 million euro are specifically allocated to the fruit and vegetables sector; i.e. the same amount as in the 2019 call.

The European Commission justified this specific budget for fruit and vegetables because of its commitment to promote good eating habits. They also stated that the actions should highlight the benefits of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet. The objective, according to the Commission, is to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in the EU by informing consumers about balanced and appropriate eating habits, an objective fully shared by FEPEX.