Food Industry 4.0 Forum

On June 14, the United States Foundation for Science (FUMEC) held the forum “Food Industry 4.0”, The conference was developed based on the impact that digital agriculture can generate in the short term in the agri-food sector in Mexico, as well on the evolution of production processes in the field, the evolution of marketing channels and the challenges of the sector to meet the evolution of the market with the 4.0 revolution.

Mr. Raymundo Elizalde Gastelo -Director of Eleven Rivers Growers, shared with the attendees of this event the presentation: The Industrial Revolution 4.0 in the Agri-Food Sector, where he exposed the innovations that exist worldwide for the agri-food industry and the challenges that faces this sector in Mexico.

Mr. Elizalde mentioned that “it is a work that is just beginning with the idea of ​​identifying the needs of growers, make a very specific diagnosis of the reality of the Mexican countryside, to know where we have to move.”

In the same way on May 2, Mr. Elizalde participated with the presentation Industry 4.0 in the Watermelon Experience event, which was organized by Seminis.