Goula Awards: An award to the to the Food and Beverage Industry

For the first time in Mexico, Goula Awards is launched. This is an award for entrepreneurs, small growers and large companies with good business practices in the food and beverage industry.


This award highlights the value of food products as drivers of economy, innovation, and well-being of communities and the environment to reinforce the sector development.

This event will have the participation of specialized judges in the food sector; one of them is our CEO, Mr. Georgius Gotsis Fontes, as well as experts on environmental subjects. They will review and evaluate how companies are producing, from the seed to the point of sale. They will analyze the entire supply chain.

At the end, judges will award the 12 best food products in the following categories:

Food and beverage business

  1. Best Mexican product or produced in Mexico with greater international impact.
  2. Best entrepreneurial product of the year.

Environmental impact

  1. Best product or sustainable brand.
  2. Best ecological packaging.

Social impact

  1. Best product in promoting domestic traditions.
  2. Best product in driving the economic development of a city.


  1. Best superfood product of the year.
  2. Best unprocessed product based on price, quality, and nutrition.
  3. Best processed product based on price, quality, and nutrition.
  4. Best product for children’s nutrition.

Transparency and image

  1. Best communication of the nutritional values of a product.
  2. Best packaging design.

The first edition of Goula Awards will award Small to Medium Enterprises and large companies making a greater effort on caring for their processes, while also having good practices; as they do not endanger the health of consumers or the environment.

In order to choose the best projects, six axes will be taken into account: nutritional values and social welfare, economic impact on the industry, transparency in packaging, innovation, promotion of entrepreneurship culture and care for the environment.

“This platform is a good excuse for you to talk about the good practices of your business and in return, receiving a seal which certifies the quality of your products. Also, with this award, you can set apart from a very wide sector,” says Eduardo Rojano, Manager at Goula Awards.

According to INEGI, the food industry accounts for about 24% of the country GDP; and the beverage sector, a 4.6%. Both segments are complex because they involve farming production, livestock, transportation, and storage.

How to participate

Participating is very simple and at no cost. Also, the same product may be registered in more than one category, as long as it complies with all the required information.

Registration period for products begins on Oct 21, 2019 at 11am and ends on Jan 24, 2020 through the Goula Awards website.

Criteria and parameters for assessment shall belong to information from the 01/01/2019 – 12/15/2019 period.

Steps for registration:

Go to the Goula Awards website at: www.awards.goula.lat

Click on Participa.

Sign up if you still do not have a Goula Awards profile.

Once you have created your participant profile, you can register one or more products in the categories you wish to participate, as long as you have the required information for each category.

Once the product registration is complete, you will receive an email informing you if your registration was successful and if you complied with all the requirements.

Subsequently, between Jan and Feb, 2020, you will be informed if you became a finalist, so you attend the awarding ceremony.

Expert judges

Biologists with expertise in environmental impact and climate change at Pronatura will support the best food products. The projects will also be reviewed by Luis Prieto, Chairman of the Association for Specialized Nutrition; Cristóbal Mariscal, Chairman of branch 17 of food and beverages at Canacintra; and Jonás Murillo, CEO at CANAINCA (National Chamber of the Preserves Industry).

Other judges will be Ana Corral, Tradex exhibition manager; Karla Reséndiz, Principal at the Gastronomy School at Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana; Samuel González, executive president of Fundación E; Juan Carlos Lapuente, Deputy Director of Research in Aquaculture; Paz Austin, CEO at the Mexican Wine Council; Xulio Guillén, Managing Editor at Mejores Práctcas magazine; Georgius Gotsis, CEO at Eleven Rivers Growers and specialist in entrepreneurship; and health researchers at Universidad La Salle.

By 2050, there will be 10 billion inhabitants, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). So, companies must to ensure four things, in the words of Cristóbal Mariscal from Canacitra: 1) Efficiency in water consumption, 2) Better packaging materials, 3) Behave with truthfulness in advertising, and 4) Preserve quality with adequate raw materials.