Know more about Eleven Rivers Growers Certification Scheme: Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Rational use of water

The company must develop a program for the rational use of water used in agricultural irrigation and in all areas of the company, prioritizing the use of efficient technologies.

Wastewater management

If the company discharges its wastewater from areas such as: offices, packaging, or shelters in national assets (drains, rivers, sea) or the municipal sewer system, it must document and implement measures for the treatment of these waste waters.

Rational usage of energy

A program should be developed for the rational use of electric energy, including actions such as the acquisition of energy-saving inputs and compounds, machinery and equipment that respect the environment.

Proper trash and recycling management

The company must document and implement a procedure to ensure a destination for domestic waste and waste generated by the productive operation, as well as the recycling of certain waste (plastics, paperboard, paper and metal).

Toxic waste management

The appropriate waste management procedure should differentiate toxic wastes: packaging, padding, tape, raffia, and biological/infectious hazardous waste (DEHS), and dispose them in a manner that complies with applicable regulations.


The company must carry out actions of reforestation in the perimeters of the cultivation lots, roads, and shelters, with the purpose of contributing to the environmental improvement and protection of the workers.


Source: Eleven Rivers Growers, Eleven Rivers Growers Certification scheme v2.4