Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante receives the Economist of the year award

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the UAS recognized Mario Haroldo Robles Escalante as the Economist of the Year.

In the auditorium of the Faculty was made this homage to Robles Escalante who was accompanied by his family, friends and softball players.

Last year, this Prize for the Economist Trajectory was established, explained Jorge Rafael Figueroa Elenes, director of the Faculty.

He explained that the Faculty, the College of Economists and the Association of Graduates of the Bachelor of Economics launched a call. Proposals were received and after analyzing them, the three conveners decided to recognize Robles Escalante’s trajectory.

“We decided that who had a brilliant career that should be recognized, is Mr. Robles,” he said.

Robles Escalante was born in November 1947, in El Fuerte, Sinaloa, where he completed his basic education. He studied Economics at the UAS, being a 1964-1969 generation.

He was a member of the University Council representing the School of Economics in 1967-68. He obtained a degree in Economics in 1970 and receives the first Honorable Mention, granted to a graduate of this school.

While he was studying his career, he worked for the State Government and for the Growers Association of Culiacan in the area of economic studies.

In 1971 he received recognition from the National Association of Economists for his thesis work, called “Economic Regulation, Foreign Trade and United States Restrictions on the Import of Fresh Tomato”.

That same year he was called to collaborate for the National Union of Producers of Vegetables, of which he was its general director for 18 years, until 1987. During his tenure at the head of the UNPH, he incorporated the organization to producers from 24 states of the Mexican Republic.

Since April 1997 he’s director of the Commission for the Investigation and Defense of Vegetables of Sinaloa, in the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the State of Sinaloa.

He was a professor at the School of Economics of the UAS between 1970 and 1973 and a member of the jury who qualified at least ten generation of economics graduates. He was President of the Commission of Honor and Justice of the Association of Economists in Sinaloa.

In 1979, he prepared the research that was later published under the title: “The Displacement of the Balance Point as Economic Criteria for the Planning of Tomato Sowing in the State of Sinaloa”.

He has been Technical Secretary of various Trade Missions and Technological Observation to countries such as the United States, Canada, Holland and Israel for the transfer of technology in the production of vegetables from Sinaloa.

His work in NAFTA

He is Technical Secretary of the Dumping Commission in charge of renegotiating the antidumping suspension agreement for Mexican tomatoes with the United States Government, which is currently in force.

He is a member of the North America Tomato Technical Working Group sponsored by NAFTA and a member of the technical safety group of the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association for Tomato Metrics.

He is currently participating with the Mexican government in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement in the Cuarto de Junto, in defense of Mexican fruit and vegetable exports.