Meeting of the international hortofrutícola alliance for the promotion of social responsibility in Sinaloa

Best production practices, including food safety, fair treatment of workers, environmental protection and product quality have evolved with the maturity of Mexico’s fresh produce industry.

Due to all these changes, different representatives of the fruit and vegetable sector joined together to create the International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance for the Promotion of Social Responsibility, through which members commit themselves to collaborate in the communities in which they produce and live, and to work together to Guide industry and develop educational programs based on socially responsible best business practices.

On April 13, the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the State of Sinaloa (CAADES) was ceded to the meeting of the Board of Directors of the AHIFORES. Also on the 14th were the facilities of the Association of Farmers of the Río Fuerte Culiacán (AARC) The ones that received the different members of the Alliance, carrying out the General Assembly where continued with the strategic planning of the different points that will support this new project.

The Alliance is made up of representatives of the fresh produce industry who actively participate in the production, packaging, transportation, sale or representation of fresh fruits and vegetables proudly produced in Mexico. It also includes advisers from the Mexican government and other representatives who offer expertise to assist the Alliance in meeting its objectives.

The members of the Alliance are in the main associations of producers and trade associations of Mexico and the United States.

Among the organizations attending are Eleven Rivers, the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the State of Sinaloa (CAADES), the Commission for Research and Defense of Vegetables (CIDH), Anneberries, the Mango Product System National Committee, the Mexican Horticultural Association Protected Area, the National Agricultural Council, Mexico Calidad Suprema, the Local Agricultural Association of Table Grape Growers, the State Agricultural Council of Baja California, the Association of Vegetable Producers of Yaqui-Mayo, among others.

During the meeting, different provisions were agreed regarding the organization’s statutes, which would mark the internal legal framework of the company and provide support to the different activities developed by AHIFORES. Also, the different advances and close commitments were made known and the inclusion of new partners to the AHIFORES was discussed