National Consultation Forum: ” Health and Food Safety ”

The administration of Eleven Rivers participated in the National Forum of Consultation: “Health and Food Safety” organized by SENASICA last July 17 of the current year, held at the Convention Center of San Luis Potosí.

There were four discussion panels, Eleven Rivers made a presence in the table of “Food Safety” where it was commented during his presentation among other things, that in the matter of safety, there are private and governmental efforts that act in isolation and that have achieved To advance principally by promoting the implementation of good agricultural practices; While it is true that these actions have shown success, they have had a limited scope due to their voluntary nature, their focus on primary export production since they have not been able to complement these actions with regulations and standards in line with current needs , And what is required of a deep modernization of the legal framework in food safety of our country.

In the framework of the National Forum Eleven Rivers proposed the next:

  1. Promote the creation of a Law of Safety under an approach that provides the elements of prevention, implementation and sanctions for all links in the agri-food chain.
  2. Create the National Safety Council to integrate and articulate Private Schemes, Research Centers and Certification Bodies with the Programs and Governing Bodies for the generation of public policy that will allow the universalization of the implementation of Risk Reduction Systems Of contamination throughout the food chain.
  3. Elaborate, modify, and evaluate projects of Mexican Official Standards specific to the agricultural sector, for the integral solution of problems related to Food Contamination and occupational and environmental risks.
  4. Promote the restructuring of the current legal framework in the field of safety, to generate special legal instruments or specific cooperation agreements that allows the participation of private initiative as a government aid; A legal framework that justifies the proactive participation and synergy of the Government with the Private Initiative that undertake Comprehensive Regulatory Schemes of regional and / or national impact type.