During December, as it is now a tradition, our certified companies held their Christmas Party for children of employees in the field and packaging facility.

These parties had typical amenities, such as Christmas dances involving children, Shepherd’s Play (Pastorela), piñata, food, cake, and gift delivery.

Christmas parties are typical 9 days before Christmas, from December 16-24. In Mexico, a Christmas party is a celebration involving candy baskets, candles, flare lights, and piñatas. They have a religious background and represent the road traveled by Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem; as they were asking for shelter for one night, the night when Jesus was born.

Christmas parties arrived to Mexico with the Spanish conquest and as you imagine, they intended to take the place of Aztec traditions; Aztecs used to celebrate the month of the Panquetzaliztili (December), and the arrival of their main god and god of war, Huitzilopochtil.

Christmas parties started celebrating since Dec 6 and lasted for 20 days, during which flags were placed on fruit trees and the main temple.

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