23 diciembre, 2019

APEAM Managers visit Eleven Rivers Growers Facilities

Last November 27, managers from the Association of Avocado Farmers and Packers – Exporters (APEAM, A.C. in Spanish) visited the Eleven Rivers Growers facilities, where our […]
23 diciembre, 2019

Cárdenas Foundation signs a cooperation agreement with the UAdeO

On December 17, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente (UAdeO) opened its doors to one of its founders. Rector Dr. Sylvia Paz Díaz Camacho hosted Mr. Daniel Cárdenas […]
29 noviembre, 2019

Eleven Rivers Growers technical team get trained in CEAR v2.0 Standards

On Nov 19-21, our technical team participated in the CEAR Version 2.0 Standard training, developed by the International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance for the Promotion of […]
21 octubre, 2019

The Eleven Rivers CEO participates in the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety Culture

On October 16, the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety Culture was carried out, which was attended by our CEO, Mr. Georgius Gotsis. This event was organized […]
14 octubre, 2019

Aneberries finalizes the implementation of the Berry Gap certification

The Association of Exporters of Berries of Mexico (ANEBERRIES) is finalizing the launch for next year of the Berry Gap certificate, aimed at small and medium […]
14 octubre, 2019

Researchers confirm flies can transfer E. coli from feedlots to produce fields

Along with feedlot dust blowing in the wind and surface irrigation water flowing adjacent to feedlots, flies captured in leafy greens plots near feedlots are capable […]
26 septiembre, 2019

Interview: Manuel Alonzo Báez Sañudo – CIAD

Dr. Báez Sañudo is a professor researcher with 28 years of professional work in the area of Food Science and Technology, with an emphasis on fresh […]
25 septiembre, 2019

“Sinaloa Encanta” and the outreach of a State

The 2019 issue of this Grand Expo in the Agri-food sector from Sinaloa will be carried out in Culiacán, Sinaloa, on October 24-25. Culiacán, Sinaloa, September […]
19 septiembre, 2019

Know more about the Eleven Rivers Certification Squeme: Warehouses Operation

Axis l. Process Quality System 1.6 Warehouses Operation 1.6.1. Hygiene in warehouses  Warehouse areas must have a cleaning and hygiene program describing the frequencies and methods […]
17 septiembre, 2019

FDA and NASDA agree to another 5-year pact for implementing produce safety rule

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) Monday announced their Cooperative Agreement for the implementation of […]
17 septiembre, 2019

EthicHub, the Fintech connecting investors with Mexican growers

Jori Armbruster and Gabriela Chang are betting on breaking the cycle of funding inequality in which Mexican coffee farmers are immersed. The mission of these entrepreneurs, […]
4 septiembre, 2019

Industry Urges FDA to Release FSMA Lab Proposed Rule

Organizations are banning together in response to FDA’s long delay in releasing a rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that addresses food laboratory accreditation […]