On October 16, the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety Culture was carried out, which was attended by our CEO, Mr. Georgius Gotsis. This event was organized by NSF Mexico, which has held at Hotel Camino Real Aeropuerto in Mexico City.

The purpose of this Seminar was showing assistants the importance of implementing a food safety system, which not only requires clear compliance procedures and standards; it also demands a food safety culture, and in order to achieve that, it is necessary to train the personnel through leadership and effective strategies, which translates into measurable results.

The modules addressed at this seminar were:

  • Managing the change phenomenon, from the perspective of people.
  • Empowering and leadership at the top of an evolving organization.
  • Understanding beliefs and values to develop a strong food safety culture.
  • Measurement of the food safety culture in the organization.

The seminar was taught by Anne Choquette, she is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) recognized by the International Coach Federation. She was recruited by Dr. Charles Pellerin, astrophysicist and author of the book “How NASA builds teams,” to join his team of seven 4-D trainers, working with NASA professionals, scientists, and managers.

Anne has more than 2,500 hours of training with businessmen, executives of Canadian, American, and Chinese multinational corporations. In addition, she is a coach-leader-mentor supervising future coaches on behalf of the coaching school: Management Coaching. She completed a second ACTP training with Asia Coaching Company in Shanghai and Beijing.

Anne is motivated by the challenge of building corporate cultures that integrate the wisdom from the Eastern and the impulse from the West, focusing mainly on the leadership development of managers and their teams. At NSF International, Anne is in charge of the Food Safety Culture project; working on the diagnosis, development, and measurement of the safety culture.

NSF International, the company organizing this seminar, is a global organization devoted at improving human health and safety through certification, auditing, training and advisory services. With 75 years of experience in the industry, we provide services for the entire food supply chain in over 174 countries.

The Eleven Rivers CEO participates in the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety CultureIf you are interested in developing the food safety culture in your organization, you may find more info at: