Eleven Rivers Growers Technical Team is Trained in CEAR v2.0 Standards

From Oct 17-19, our technical team participated in the training: CEAR 2.0 version Standard, developed by the International Produce Alliance to Promote a Socially Responsible Industry  (Ahifores).


The main purposes of the course were as follows:

  • Improving labor and social welfare conditions of field workers and their families,
  • Having clients and consumers recognizing good social responsibility practices of the farming sector in Mexico,
  • Having the farming industry in Mexico being perceived as a leader and also as an example in labor and social welfare of workers,
  • Causing an impact in public policies aimed at the benefit of field workers and their families.

The purpose of these courses is having all participants who work in farming companies learning about the standards making up the Certification of Responsible Farming Company to be able to implement good social responsibility practices.


From this course, independent technical advisors will have the skills needed to conduct a diagnosis and/or implementation counseling on the provisions of the Certification of Responsible Farming Company (CEAR) in its recent 2.0 version https://www.facebook.com/ahiforesOficial/videos/779254235829145/

Ahifores is an alliance between all members of the horticultural sector, seeking to reinforce the commitment of the group to work towards the development and implementation, to a domestic level, of programs raising social responsibility in the companies they are members of.

Currently, Ahifores involves over 80% of the members of the horticultural sector in Mexico, in order to reinforce and promote social responsibility in our sector, as well as, defining and setting standards and programs that improve the social and labor conditions of all of those who make up the horticultural industry.