21 febrero, 2020

Setting Standards with Science: What ‘Inspect What You Expect’ Means for Food Safety

‘Inspect what you expect’ — in the food safety field, it all starts with science. During my two decades working with the food industry on microbial […]
2 febrero, 2020

Interview: Clarissa Molina – Serka Soluciones

Clarisa is a recognized advisor with extensive expertise in collaborating with farming organizations in Mexico and overseas, such as Confederación de Asociaciones Agrícolas del Estado de […]
22 enero, 2020

FDA launches Food Defense Plan Builder Version 2.0

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has launched an updated version of the Food Defense Plan Builder (FDPB) to help companies meet the requirements of the […]
19 enero, 2020

Food safety forces change

Making sure fresh fruits and vegetables are safe to consume has always been an industry issue, but never more so than in the past generation. The […]
17 enero, 2020

Going Mobile for Internet of Things and Traceability

Throughout the food processing industry, traceability is on the minds of everyone from farm to fork. With thousands of possible steps on the way to the plate, there […]
25 noviembre, 2019

Interview: Chrysthian Marisol Castro Sandoval – Agrícola BelHer

Marisol holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Experimental Biology. She has been working for Agrícola BelHer for the last 5 years, and started in the Tech Innovation […]
25 noviembre, 2019

FDA Releases New Chapter of PC Human Food Draft Guidance on Developing a Recall Plan

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing the availability of draft guidance that explains how food facilities subject to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice, […]
15 noviembre, 2019

Developing effective sanitation practices requires strategy and teamwork

When developing and implementing a comprehensive sanitation program, food companies need to relentlessly look for pathogens, rather than swabbing to satisfy compliance requirements, says Food Safety […]
21 octubre, 2019

The Eleven Rivers CEO participates in the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety Culture

On October 16, the Seminar: Developing a Food Safety Culture was carried out, which was attended by our CEO, Mr. Georgius Gotsis. This event was organized […]
14 octubre, 2019

FDA Launches the FDA-TRACK: Food Safety Dashboard to Track FSMA Progress

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established the FDA-TRACK: Food Safety Dashboard designed to track the impact of the seven foundational rules of the […]
14 octubre, 2019

FDA Publishes List of Records Required Under FSVP

The Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) final rule, established through the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), requires importers to verify that the food they are […]
14 octubre, 2019

Contamination Hazards Hide in Utilities

When you drive, you take multiple precautions to prevent accidents. You put your cellphone away, use turn signals, observe stop signs, and stay a safe distance […]