The Eleven Rivers Growers Scheme is presented to Tecnológico de Monterrey students

Last September 13, our CEO, Mr. Georgius Gotsis Fontes shared his experience in the Mexican farming industry with students of the subject “Planning, Innovation and Strategic Sustainability” of the Business degree at Tec de Monterrey.

The topic of strategic analysis focused on the experiences from the Mexican Food Industry was mostly addressed: current competences, stage of development where it is at, short and medium-term development opportunities, and why it is so important to conduct strategic analysis in companies.

The idea was to make a talk with our CEO, where he could share his experience on how has the growth of the farming industry been in recent years, the challenges it faces today, and how students of the Business degree could help solve these challenges through strategic analysis.

In the same manner this same day, a second group of Tecnologico de Monterrey students from the degrees in International Business, Finances, and Bio-Businesses joined our CEO as well, and they learned how the Eleven Rivers Growers program works, its basic principles, and the work methodology it is based on to increase competitiveness of farming companies in Sinaloa.