The grower company “Campaña Agricultores” achieved the Eleven Rivers Certification

We are grateful to extend our recognition to “Campaña Agricultores S. de R.L. de C.V.” after having obtained during May, the approval of conformity by the NSF third-party organization in the Certification Scheme of Eleven Rivers Growers v2.3.

This Grower Company operates from the end of the 20’s; Dedicated to the production and commercialization of vegetables in greenhouses and open fields, responsible for delivering healthy foods to the families of Mexico, United States, and Canada. Its main products are: Bell pepper, cucumber, green beans, aubergine, mini bell and corn. Its facilities are located at Kilómetro 13, Ejidal, 80371 Navolato, Sinaloa, Mexico.

This company is always concerned about the welfare of their workers, because they consider that it is their main asset and indispensable ally for their success; therefore, provide a good housing for their workers and their family, provide nursery, medical unit, social insurance, and school program affiliated with to the Mexican Department of Education (SEP), as well as a wide range of social and family activities. They provide training to their workers in labor skills, and certify them to the Department of Labor of Mexico.

“Our experience of working with Eleven Rivers was a great challenge for the whole team, in all the axes involved in the scheme, we are very satisfied to have achieved certification and we have a strong commitment as a company to keep our certification.” Grower Francisco Campaña.

Mr. Campaña Congratulated his team and said that “they were the ones that achieved this certification, it was not easy and now the challenge is greater than before to maintain the Eleven Rivers certification”

With the purpose of obtaining the certification, grower companies compromise to improve their performance in aspects such as food safety, process quality, traceability, and social and environmental responsibility. The same ones that are verified in a weekly basis to assure a continuous fulfillment once the company has obtained the NSF certification in Eleven Rivers.

We appreciate these company efforts to achieve the Eleven Rivers Growers certification, contributing with the evolution of the sector and for the commitment of Sinaloa growers to offer fresh, health, safe and sustainable products.