14 Companies receive the Eleven Rivers certification

In the framework of the inauguration of the IV National Congress of Plant Health and Food Safety in the city of Culiacan, the awards were given to 14 companies that received Eleven Rivers Certification for quality in their production processes.

Francisco Campaña representative of the board of Eleven Rivers, mentioned in his speech the great challenges that the agro-export horticulture sector faces today, such as the entry into force of FSMA regulations of the United States, the renegotiation of the Free Trade with North America and the constant threats that lurk us both in the issue of food safety and social responsibility, which puts us in a highly vulnerable position; It forces us to act with greater caution, awareness, and commitment.

He mentions that “we participate in a highly competitive sector and full of new challenges, which requires us to constantly evolve to meet the new requirements of the market. That is why the producers of Sinaloa through Eleven Rivers have committed ourselves to go further, innovating in the field of certification, with a scheme that audits and verifies all the facilities of the company: field, packaging and shelter “.

He said that he was very proud of the progress that has been made and acknowledged the fourteen agricultural companies that this season achieved Eleven Rivers certification.

“With this award, we want to value the commitment and constant work of horticultural growers and their technical team; We know that the achievement of this certification requires a greater effort on the part of the company, since it implies a process of educational change and awareness of all the collaborators that is not achieved in a day”.

He concludes by thanking the confidence and support of the growers who have decided to become a part of the Eleven Rivers program and at the same time inviting all the agricultural companies that are part of CAADES to join the evolution of the Sinaloa horticultural sector.

The companies certified in the Eleven Rivers Scheme are:

1.- Vitanova Fresh Produce

2.-Agrícola El Porvenir

3.-Agrícola BelHer

4.-Agroexportadora del Noroeste

5.-De la Costa

6.-Agricola Santa Veneranda

7.-Grupo Agrícola Esmeralda

8.-Agrícola Chaparral

9.-Del Campo y Asociados

10.- Campaña Agricultores

11.-Agricultores de San Isidro Navolato

12.-Sistema de Producción Intensiva del Noroeste

13.-Agroindustrias Tombell

14.-Promotora Agroindustrial y Comercial de Tamazula