Daniel Cárdenas participates in the: Bioeconomy and Market Trends Panel at Expo Agro Sinaloa 2020

On Feb 7 we accompanied Eng. Daniel Cárdenas Cevallos, a member of the Eleven Rivers Growers community in his participation in the Panel: Bioeconomy and Market Trends, where together with Eng. Armando Tortoledo Uriarte – Chairman at Gruindag International, Mr. Sergio F. Grijalva – Author of the Book “The Nature of Packaging” and moderated by Eng. Ramses Meza Ponce – Director at Fundación Produce Sinaloa, shared with attendees, from their experience and area of expertise, their perspective of the new innovations and technologies applicable to the farming sector, as well as the market trends that will impact in the medium and long term, and the role that each of these participants consider should take each link in the food supply chain.

In his participation, Eng. Cárdenas said that Bioeconomy has been a significant factor for development in Sinaloa for generations: “Bioeconomy refers to generating wealth through living beings such as: tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and corn that has been produced for more than 3 generations in Sinaloa; however, the real challenge to our industry is innovation”. He also stated the way he has seen changes in the use of technology in the farming industry, one of the most remarkable ones is the one which refers to the use of farming irrigation, the use of protected agriculture, among many others that they have transformed farming production in Sinaloa; however, he says that it is necessary to take an even greater turn involving young people, in such a way that it manages to generate its own technology, reach new marketing channels, among others that can make farming in Sinaloa a more competitive activity.

Eng. Armando Tortoledo also shared in this space, as an international company rooted in Sinaloa such as Gruindag, the search is form solutions to local problems of growers through innovation in manufacturing, research of new molecules, development and marketing of smart products with the latest technology and innovation, to improve productivity.

In the same manner; in his lecture, Mr. Sergio F. Grijalva shared the results of his research regarding the packaging of fresh products, through learning from the same nature; that is, through the observation of how life wraps, protects, contains, preserves and even transports, inspiring his work, as well as some patents in development for packaging that he has developed.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), bioeconomy is the production, use and preservation of biological resources, including related knowledge, science, technology and innovation, in order to provide information, products, processes and services to all economic sectors, with the purpose of moving towards a sustainable economy.

Its crossed nature provides a unique opportunity to comprehensively address interconnected social challenges, such as food safety, dependence on fossil resources, scarcity of natural resources and climate change, while achieving a sustainable economic development. However, achieving the sustainable development of bioeconomy deals with many challenges: these refer not only to ensure food safety, but also to address climate change and manage natural resources in a sustainable manner, managing the competition between the different uses of biomass raw materials, and at the same time, ensuring that bioeconomy development benefits everyone. Therefore, it is essential to set out guidelines which allow developing bioeconomy in a sustainable manner.