Health Fair arrives to “Esmeralda” Growers


Eleven Rivers has led to create job institutional collaboration with agricultural producers , and one of the actions that are being developed are the Health Fairs with the participation of the Ministry of Health , the IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security)  and the public health department of the municipality Guasave .

On this occasion “Agricola Esmeralda” received his Health Fair last April 11 in its facilities located in “Valle del Carrizo” in the northern region of Sinaloa. In which  workers received health care , followed by a physical activation and a nutritional talk that workers were trained as early detections were made of different diseases , such as:

  • Malaria testing.
  • Evidence of human papillomavirus .
  • detection of breast and cervical cancer.
  • Application of tetanus vaccine .
  • Tuberculosis test.
  • Testing of diabetes , cholesterol and triglycerides .

At the same time, talks about different types of sexually transmitted diseases such as human papilloma virus and VIH were held.

Growers enterprises incorporated in compliance with the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme have developed a number of practices in the field of social responsibility that increases their level of security and competitiveness in the international market.

One of these practices are the access to social rights for workers , where it is encouraging the participation of different institutions in the public and private sector.

Health Fairs allow us to incorporate preventive medicine with any  workers and on this basis to follow up on the care of people who are detected with any ailment .

Protecting the health and lives of workers is a priority in growers companies involved in Eleven Rivers. Therefore, we will continue to seek the best ways to continue protecting the health of workers.