Closure of the Environmental Leadership Program for Competitiveness.


On August 25 this year culminates the Environmental Leadership Program for Competitiveness, which Eleven Rivers in coordination with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) made available to the different technical team of the growers companies adhering to Eleven Rivers.

The closing event of this training program was held in the Board Room at the premises of the Farmers’ Association of South River (AARFS) in the city of Los Mochis.

The program began on May 26 this year, holding a total of 40 hours spread over 9 sessions, 12 companies where part of this training, the participants gained skills and performed practices that will enable them to streamline business processes of their companies. In the closing the event they presented an Eco-efficiency program for its companies that they made along this training.

By applying an innovative and simple methodology, the Environmental Leadership Program for Competitiveness improves the performance of companies, developing capacities to generate significant cost savings in their production processes to reduce the consumption of water, energy and raw materials, as avoiding emissions, waste and discharges of pollutants.

The main objective of this training program is to ensure that participants understand and become aware of the relevance of measures to prevent pollution, strengthen environmental performance and achieve higher levels, goals or benefits in environmental protection, as well as increase competitiveness.

We appreciate the support of the Farmers’ Association of South River (AARFS) for allowing us to once again receive all technical enthusiasts, sharing goals of the Eleven Rivers program to train employees of agricultural enterprises and improve their competitiveness.