Calibration meeting with NFS and ANCE

For the next agricultural season, the Eleven Rivers Certification Scheme evolves in its version 2.4 to better adapt to the requirements demanded by the market, as well as for the benefit of the participating grower’s companies.

On August 16, 17 and 18th, previous to the start of the agricultural season, the Calibration Meeting was held in which auditors, certifiers, and verifiers from the third-party organizations NSF and ANCE participated together with the technical advisors of Eleven Rivers to approve the evaluation criteria of the program. The training of the 5 axes of the Eleven Rivers Scheme was carried out for that the independent bodies were prepared and aware of the changes in v2.4.

We are grateful for the assistance of Manuel Sánchez from NSF, Araceli Román, Ignacio Aguilasocho, Ramón Angulo, Uriel Urías, Javier Valdés, Rosalba Salcedo and Noel Cárdenas from ANCE.